After 21 years at the Stoney Creek location, Colette Trabucco – Owner had to make the difficult decision to re-locate to a satellite office.  The communication tools to keep in touch will be through Facebook – ColetteCreativeTravel, email, colette@creativetravelandtours.com, by phone 905 643 4848 or toll free 888-253-5573.

The pandemic put a financial strain on the business and closing was the only solution.   I am dedicated to continue working with all the clients affected by their cancellations, pauses and future travel bookings.

If you have questions about your travel arrangements and I have not reached out to you, please contact me.   I do appreciate the support and patience while I work through this change.

What a difference a month can make.   While the world was turned upside down, during the start of the closures of borders, flights being cancelled, it was evident that Travel Professionals did come to the rescue.   So many stories of clients so grateful they had someone to help them out from all over the world.   I myself experienced this while touring with 3 couples in South Africa.   We had just started our journey (4 days in) when I had to make arrangements to come back.  Although a daunting experience, I was certainly glad to be there with them.

As we wait for some normalcy, it will be a bit of time before the borders will re-open.  However when it does, be ready.   If you have travel credits/vouchers, you can start planning now for that winter vacation.

I am just a call away  905 643 4848 to get started.

For day to day updates, follow Facebook – ColetteCreativeTravel

As we experience this profound stoppage of everyday life and travel, just know that Creative Travel and Tours is here to help.   Unlike the 9/11 events, where travel resumed within months, this Covid-19 virus is keeping us still for much longer.   Know that your active bookings are kept on file for when you are ready to use your credits/vouchers.

For those waiting for refunds – the advice is up to 90 days.   Please reach out to Colette Trabucco, Owner for any questions, concerns.   We are in this together and I am here for you.

Your Travel Professional

Our combined years of professional travel consulting allow us to meet even the most unique needs of any traveler.

Colette Trabucco
Colette Trabucco
Colette specializes in Australia, NewZealand and South Pacific.  Tourism Australia recommends Colette as your local agent of choice when planning your trip down under.  Whether you are travelling independently, cruiser, coach tour or group travel, Colette can manage all the details to make it a memorable trip.  Referrals available upon request. Call 905 643 4848 or email colette@creativetravelandtours.com

Colette organized our amazing  6 week tour in New Zealand and Australia. Her attention to detail and extensive knowledge of the destination made our holiday the “Trip of a Lifetime” that we had dreamed of. Everything flowed as planned – all the tours, flights with transportation to and from airports, the hotels – and all met or exceeded our expectations.

Janice McKenney

“I love Colette! She has been my travel guru for years and to say she had done a good job isn’t enough.”

Kathy Pye

I have recently returned, with my wife, from an extensive tour of Queensland, Northern Australia, the Sydney area and Rarotonga.  In a fairly short period of time our transportation included flights, trains, coaches, boats and private limos. Various accommodations were used and many varied and interesting tours taken.  Having worked in the travel industry myself I am more than aware of that old adage, “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link”.  In a tour like we undertook there were countless opportunities for mistakes to have been made throwing the whole thing into disarray.  It is to the credit of Colette Trabuco, Creative Travel, Stoney Creek that the whole tour went off without a single glitch which in my opinion is very commendable and highly deserving of this testimonial.

I can highly recommend Colette and her staff to organise any of your travel requirements, big or small, knowing that they would be undertaken with the utmost detail and professionalism. I would especially recommend Colette to organise your tours to Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific due to her extensive knowledge of this part of the world.

Richard Nettleton


Travel is about experiences, and we want to share the world with our customers.

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If you are considering a trip to Australia/NewZealand the best place to start is to make an appointment to meet with Colette.   Even if  you are taking a cruise, you want to make the most of  your visit.   My first trip to Australia was 2002.   I’ve been more than a dozen times, and stopped counting.  My focus is creating a journey like no other.  The experiences of your trip will stay with you forever.   Colette is here to help map your way through the maze of what many find to be overwhelming.  Speak with the expert.   Referrals upon request