Now is the time to plan your Australia/New Zealand trip for 2022/2023

    Demand is growing by each month

    Once the skies open up, will you be ready?  Pent up demand for travel is starting to escalate.  Now is the time to reach out to me so we can plan your journey in 2022/2023.  There is much to discuss and I am ready for that call.

    As your local Premier Aussie Specialist,  I have been monitoring the the travel advisories to Australia/NewZealand.   I'll been attending my yearly conference "virtually" this year.  This will give me the opportunity to stay in touch and find out what the status is currently with a variety of companies, hoteliers, tour companies.  The destination has been closed to international travellers since March 2020.  We likely will see activity in 2022.   This is a reason why you want to start planning.