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Insurance is the last thing most people want to discuss when purchasing travel. However, it is probably is the most important thing to consider.

It is our job to ensure you are provided with the choice of accepting or declining insurance whenever you purchase travel.

Whether you are insuring you’re all inclusive package or your trip overseas, you have to ask yourself, what if something happens?

We can provide you with a review of coverage with Manulife, our main travel insurance provider.

Many customers tell us they are covered by their credit card company. We emphasize they inquire to find out exactly what they have and not assume they already have the coverage.


When you are ready to book, ensure you provide a copy of your passport to ensure the correct information was acquired. It is not good enough to assume, as there can be costly penalties to make corrections.

We keep a copy on file in the event a passport is lost or stolen.

Some countries require your passport to be free of stains or bends. You can be denied boarding.

Travelling with children with only 1 parent or Grandparents

Besides a valid passport, a single parent travelling with a child, must have a notarized letter allowing the children to leave the country. It is your responsibility to ensure you have the proper documentation.

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