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Tips for travellers to Australia and New Zealand

Be sure to contact us for all your travel needs. Whether it’s the South Pacific or any other destination, our agents have the knowledge. We offer a wide range of cruises, airfare, backpacker trips, escorted tours, rail tours, self-drive car rental tours, hiking and biking tours too.

Documentation: Valid Passports Required for Canadians traveling to Australia and New Zealand. Your Passports should be valid for at least 6 months beyond your return date. An Australia Visa is also required (no visa required for travel to New Zealand). As an added service, Uniglobe will issue your Visa, free of charge, to all our clients.

Currency: Australian Dollar – is at par with our Canadian Dollar. They’ve eliminated the use of pennies; purchases are rounded up/down to the closest nickel.

New Zealand Dollar - our Canadian dollar is 30% stronger than the New Zealand Dollar on average. However, goods cost more than in Canada, so the strength of our Canadian dollar is not so apparent.

ATM machines (bank machines) are abundant. Please check with your Canadian Banking Institution to review service charges imposed on international withdrawals. All major credit cards are widely accepted. Travelers Cheques are not so widely accepted and heavy service fees are imposed when you cash them.

The seasons are reversed – the summer months are December through March. The summer vacation period starts mid-December and runs through to Mid-February. School children and company shut-downs take place during this time – we recommend that you choose fall or spring.

Tipping – not popular in Australia and New Zealand.

GST and PST – they’re included in the price. The price that is marked is the amount that you pay when you get to the check out counter.

It is an offence to bring most food items into Australia and New Zealand. In Australia, be sure to declare it on arrival. Custom officials will advise if your food item is admissible. When entering New Zealand, you will get a big fine, if you try to import any food item. It has happened to some of our clients, we want to impress this on you to avoid this occurrence.

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