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RBC rewards

1. redeeming
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At CWT you can redeem your valuable points towards the purchase of prepaid vacation packages, airfare, cruises, almost everything you can consider travel. When you book, you can also be awarded points for the purchase. The bookings must be with one of our many preferred suppliers (you can verify at time of booking if you qualify).

At times, you can earn double and sometimes 5 times the points during a promotion.

Specialty Travel

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One of our main brochures highlights a multiple range of travel offers, mostly escorted, cruises, adventure tours. Many offer extra RBC points to be awarded when booking.

This brochure is distributed once a year. If you would like to receive this yearly subscription, please contact us so we can save you a copy.

Destination Weddings

Destination Weddings have become a big market for the travel industry. We provide this service to make our clients experience as seamless as possible. Planning for the right resort, budget and doing it in a timely fashion is all part of the service. There is more to it then just looking online for pricing to consider when searching for a group price...this is generally the biggest mistake couples make when first looking at options.

We’ve helped plenty of couples and would have referrals available. Click to view our Destination Wedding Planning Outline

Customized Travel Arrangements

Many clients today are moving away from the all inclusive resorts. They are searching for travel that can get them into the cultural experience, to go places that are out of the way, least travelled or just want to do it their own way.

We have been helping our clients do just that. We work with tour operators that are not normally found on the brochure rack, and we are constantly looking for new companies that have unique products that will suit our customers.


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